8 Easy Body-Positive Swaps to Make Your World a Better Place

April 29, 2018by annejones0

What if you took all the energy you ever spent on ‘bettering yourself’ or desiring a better body and used it to recycle, save the turtles, or start a business?

Earlier this week, Kathryn Bruni Young, shared this article: 9 Exercises You’d Better Avoid if You Dream of Having a Feminine Body. Kathryn, of course, was sharing this post to give it the middle finger. I don’t know who put so much energy and time into creating such a post, but I’d like to give them the middle finger as well, and suggest that they redirect that energy.

Speaking of energy, think of the energy (negative self-talk, wishing and worrying), money (gimmicks, make-up, skincare, tanning, etc), and time (complaining, examining yourself, over-exercising, researching, etc.) you have spent on vanity. Some of us, more than others, but regardless of ethnicity, race, or sex, we have all spent at least some energy on body image.

As you probably know, I am in the business of bodies. But I like to think that I am in the business of making bodies feel better, not making bodies look better. I have never paid for advertising because feeling good and having fun are not things that need to be sold. Being thin is a concept that needs a pitch, and you have already heard them all.

I’m not saying you should stop brushing your teeth, buying nail polish, or exercising.

But what if you:

  • drank a glass of lemon water every morning instead of weighing yourself? Same amount of energy and time redirected.
  • enjoyed a bath bomb in the tub instead of shaving your legs in the shower? Every. Single. Day.
  • picked up trash on the beach instead of walking on the treadmill?
  • researched something about history or reproductive health or something that interests you instead of
  • rewarded yourself for eating something delicious mindfully instead of berating yourself for eating something?
  • spent five minutes a day learning Spanish on duloingo instead of five minutes a day examining your rolls (which are perfectly healthy, by the way) in the mirror?
  • started a non-profit organization instead of a diet?
  • took a power nap instead of taking 20-30 minutes trying on different outfits?

Of course, I still love to dress up occasionally (when I want to), wear make-up because it makes me feel good, and workout because I love my body and I exercise in enjoyable ways. But maybe this will plant the seed to be more aware of the attention and energy we give to ‘perfect body monster.’



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