Fitness Coaching

A fitness & yoga space that gives you all the benefits of the studio…at home

Fitness Coaching

A fitness & yoga space that gives you all the benefits of the studio…at home


I’ve known Anne for several years and in several capacities. First group Zumba, then through group yoga and private RMT sessions. I have been an Elite Muscles & Mindset (M&M) client for the past year. Anne is so very skilled and capable in every aspect of her offerings. Anne has supported and motivated me to work on my mindset as well as my physical conditioning. I struggle with holding myself accountable, and Anne has helped me in this regard. She has been my champion and cheerleader when I couldn’t be those things for myself. With her M&M group, Anne has created a community of supportive women who draw strength and inspiration from each other. I fully endorse Anne and her teachings and programs. She is helping me change my life, and I am forever grateful to her 🌸.

Jennifer Hughes Antic

Anne has changed my life! When I started working with Anne I was having back issues that were causing me debilitating pain preventing me from living a normal life. After trying countless other types of physical therapy I was still in pain and losing hope. Finding Anne and private yoga therapy provided me a form of care that finally helped me feel better, stronger, healthier and able to not only live a normal life but an even better life than before. Under Anne’s coaching my entire lifestyle has gradually changed, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, I’ve been able to do things I never thought possible, and I feel great! I owe it all to Anne, her caring approach, her fitness program, and private yoga sessions. She’s helped me realize so much and I couldn’t be happier with what Anne has done for me.

Kristi Drinovz

As a personal training client & massage client, I highly recommend Anne’s services! She is truly dedicated to helping others achieve wellness, both physically and mentally. She has helped me eliminate chronic back & foot pain motivated me to work out at least 4 days a week and has helped me understand intuitive eating (something I never thought would be possible). She is supportive and encouraging and has definitely changed my life. The workouts and yoga on her website and live classes are an added bonus, I’ve enjoyed every one I’ve tried!

Robyn Johnson

Anne is incredibly knowledgeable on so many wellness subjects, great at helping you discern between myth and actual science, and a great all-around LIFE coach. What I love the most about her is her refreshing honesty. She doesn’t sugar coat things, and always strives to help you move toward positive actions.

Shasha Nakhai

I’ve taken her yoga classes, Zumba classes and a couple of personal training sessions. She was amazing for all of them. The restorative yoga classes I took left me feeling restored and peaceful and she was so knowledgable that I learned a lot. Then switching to her Zumba classes with her lively energy made the class so much fun! I definitely recommend all of her services. I myself will have to try her massage therapy next!

Liisa Roleen

I have had the pleasure of seeing Anne for both massage and training. I have always valued her holistic approach to wellness and that she takes the time to educate her clients about body mechanics and fitness. She promotes a healthy, body-positive approach in all aspects of her work and she’s a “gangsta rap” gal just like me!

Erin Harvie

I can recommend Anne 100% I have had the pleasure of seeing Anne for group fitness classes, massage and personal training/coaching. I have always valued her for taking the time to educate her clients about body mechanics and fitness. I always say she is THE WHOLE PACKAGE!!! Super fun, super nice and full of knowledge.

Anett Roland

Anne is an absolutely fabulous instructor! She is incredibly knowledgeable and takes her job very seriously. Her workouts are full of energy and her yoga classes are a wonderful reprieve during busy weeks! I would highly recommend her; )

Trisha Martin

When I was pregnant with my second I was experiencing some low back and SI joint pain. I followed along with a few of Anne’s yoga videos specifically for these areas and it helped so much. I love that there are a variety of videos on her site in regards to length, focus area, and type of yoga.

Christine Toews

Anne is an attentive trainer to my individual needs, who makes sure that I am always comfortable with the process, and answer to any questions I may have. She was and still is by my side and encourage me when she feels the need to do so. Love her!

Verona AndDalibor

Amazing!! Anne has been my massage therapist for years and I would highly recommend her! I will not see anyone else and that’s a fact. She listens to your needs and is attentive in caring for her clients. She has a gentle no-nonsense approach which I truly love. She is very knowledgable and will share everything she knows to support and encourage your health and wellness. I have learned from Anne that self care is the best thing you can do for yourself. So, thank you, Anne.

Gorete Prata-Daykin


Robyn Johnson

“Anne is super awesome at encouraging you and not making you feel judged…

…she’s all about empowering you to make good choices for yourself.”


“I just felt like my body had fallen apart…

…slowly but surely you’ve helped me put it back together”


“I was in a really tough place, I couldn’t live a normal life…

…having that accountability and that person there helped me to keep going”


“Before I started working with her, I hadn’t been taking enough time for me…

…now I’m getting a lot more me back, feeling better, feeling stronger”


“I felt like I was stuck in a rut and I always doing the same thing…

…there’s a certain accountability to it [the program] which makes you want to stick to it”


“I was at my wits’ end, I kind of feel like I hit rock bottom…

…the group is helpful and having a safe space to vent about stuff is awesome”


“Before training with Anne, I was insecure about going to the gym…

…because of Anne I feel super confident enough going to the gym by myself or participating in a small group”

Tobey Booker

“Consistency always pays off and it did!”


“[This program] is slowly changing my outlook on life itself, it’s my thing for me. You’re teaching me how to take time for me, and that is a gift that you can’t put a dollar [amount] on…

“This is what I do for me…it’s my thing. For me.”


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