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Let’s find you the



Maybe you haven’t exercised consistently for a year or two…or ever. Maybe you are sick of counting calories and dieting and you just want to eat food that nourishes your body without over or under-eating. Heck, maybe you have been working out a lot, doing fitness classes or random YouTube workouts and not seeing the results you desire because those workouts aren’t for you.

You want an effective and efficient fitness program delivered to you, on a silver platter, updated regularly and edited as you need by a team of professionals.

You’re busy. Maybe you don’t have access to childcare to leave to go to a gym several times a week and you need a program you can execute at home, in the time you have. I see you. I hear you. Because I’ve coached hundreds of women like you. And I’ve designed these programs for you.

Muscles & Mindset


16-20 weeks

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Completely customized, individualized programming based on the following:

✔️ Your Goals;
✔️ The time you have;
✔️ The equipment you have; and
✔️ Your fitness experience & injuries.

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“I will talk about this any day because it was such a life-changer. When I reached out to Anne I was struggling to survive. I was beyond exhausted, working 10 hr days and taking care of 3 kids as a single mom. I wanted to set a better example for my kids and I needed to lose some weight and change my life. I went into this thinking I just need to lose some weight and start working out again. However, it turned out to be so much more than that.

My whole mindset changed, it wasn’t my priority to be skinny or lose weight anymore. I started to love myself and my body and really make myself a priority. I was in Anne’s program for 6 months, and I didn’t lose a ton of weight initially. However I was so strong, I was learning new habits and how to be patient with myself and my body. My weight loss focus had changed and I just wanted to be the best version of myself at whatever size I was. Over the next few months of just learning to listen to my body I ended up losing 20 pounds without dieting.

This was one of the best investments I ever made for myself and if you are looking to really change your life for the better then go for it. It was super hard and emotional and scary but so worth it all. The ladies in the program were so supportive and helpful and I can honestly say that it’s worth every penny.

Some of the things that I took from the program that I still practice on a daily basis are daily meditation, journaling, checking with myself and of course movement. Seriously life-changing.”


“I know it is a big step to decide to work on your own self-improvement but I promise you won’t regret it. Anne and her team do a wonderful job of making you feel like you are in the driver’s seat of your health which allows you to graduate from the program feeling like you can keep these lessons in mind forever. I also wanted to work on my own personal self-improvement and it was great how I could design how I wanted my ideal day/journey through life to look. And there was no wrong answer. Whatever I thought would work best for me was it. It doesn’t feel like other programs are like that. It’s also really exciting how small wins pop up out of nowhere and before you know it you’ve reached something you never thought was possible months ago.”


“I was finding it very difficult to prioritize myself and my needs and was feeling stressed, anxious and defeated. Those feeling were overflowing into my interactions with my loved ones, as a result. I’ve always loved working out, but I had lost that passion and really wanted to find it again, so that I could work out consistently and enjoy it again.

M&M has helped me with that, but it has also really helped my mindset too. I tend to be a person who takes on way too much and has a hard time asking for help when I need it, but I’m learning to let go, trust the process, and let other people help me to lighten my load.”

G. S., New Westminster, BC, Canada

“I had been struggling with my overall fitness/health for a while. I first approached Anne, after watching a gf’s incredible journey working with her. I repeated a few times that something was just missing. I had been working out, but I knew something was not right. So I reached out again, ready and committed to put in the work.

And it is work. It’s not easy. I’m working through back and hip pain, and the odd injury. But I value my new routine – my morning workout is my “me time”. I’m now doing some form of exercise 5-6 days a week. It’s just part of my lifestyle now. Now, if I’m too tired in the morning, I can take a day off without fear of falling off the wagon.

Nutrition continues to be a work in progress. After making significant changes in my diet, which includes a significant reduction in sugar intake, I am feeling better, especially in the sleep department. I continue to work in this area with available support and strategies.

Last September, I got bloodwork done for my new GP. Then last week, for work, I got more bloodwork done. I was curious to see what if any changes there were from then till now.

There were noticeable improvements, especially in the area of my heart health. This was a huge lightbulb moment for me. It’s not about the visual measurements – it’s about the ones that count.

All of this has been accomplished through not just my own hard work, but through the knowledge, encouragement and support from the entire Team at Anne Jones Fitness.”

Danielle Ferguson

“The BEST most helpful thing I have learned in all the educating I’ve done myself with healthy eating / intuitive eating was from our one session together. & that was just start my day with eating something. anything. cookies, candy, etc. it does not matter (permission to eat ANY thing). When I was able to connect that it wasn’t about necessarily about “being healthy” or “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” it was about initiating my hunger cues for the day. That was a game changer. and makes total sense: how does my body know when it is hungry when it hasn’t started eating. Now, I crave a bigger meal at breakfast. I am working myself up to something that is regularly nutritious and that is ok. because right now all I need is to give myself permission to eat.

Since doing this I have cut how much coffee I need, my afternoon crashes are less and I actually can go a longer period of time between my 3 meals and I have mostly stopped eating after dinner (mostly only time is when I am up super late working). & now that I gave myself permission to eat cookies for breakfast, I also started implementing eating the “unhealthy” food with meals instead of waiting until the end of the day to binge, which is actually where I try to teach my kids to do and they were never successful because I wasn’t either! it feels good to do it together! Super excited about it. It truly has transformed my thinking and hunger cues!”

Hear What My Clients Have To Say

These are REAL women, just like you. They swapped diet culture, hours of cardio and quick fixes for a lifestyle that includes eating a burger without guilt and making memories over a glass of wine.


“I have so much to say about the program I don’t even know where to start. When I first reached out to Anne, I had been struggling for years to get back into shape. I’d go through periods where I would work out and try to be consistent but it would never last. Plus I struggle with eating lots of junk food so that was something I needed to address as well. After so many failed attempts of diets and a gym membership that went to waste…I found Anne. When I started and Anne asked what my goals were I said I want my muscles to be toned and have a bikini body for the summer. What I didn’t realize was my mindset would change throughout the process (yes, I still want muscles and a bikini body) but What’s important to me now is how I feel. I feel amazing inside. I feel so empowered and strong. I am so motivated to eat healthy and complete my work outs that it comes almost naturally for me now. And I am seeing the results I want to see which obviously helps. I did my work out tonight after a busy day with my kids at home and I thought to myself who would have thought this would be me. So happy and alive at 10 o clock finishing my work out and feeling like a different person when before I would have had every excuse in the book to be on the couch eating potato chips. If you are looking for a change in your mindset and creating a positive outlook for yourself in all aspects of your life then I’d trust Anne. I was so hesitant when I started but I am so grateful and happy Anne pushed me to take the plunge for myself and build the confidence and strength that was within me but hiding all this time!!”


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