Instructions for Using this Program

First Steps:

  1. Fill out the Coaching Commitment and Google waiver. It may take you about 30 minutes.
  1. Book a 1:1 Coaching Call: 1:1. Coaching Calls are free for Muscles + Mindset Silver and Gold members, and available as add-ons for anyone else.
  1. Join our private Facebook group.
  1. Login to TotalCoaching– this is how I’ll deliver your workouts to you wherever you are. There is also a free app called MyOnlineCoach so you can access your workouts on your phone. For timed workouts, I recommend an interval timer: the free CoreAdvantage and GymBoss apps are my favourites.
  1. Visit our shared Google doc. You should have received an email notifying you that I am sharing it with you. If you have a non-Google email address, you may have to request access first. Please add in what equipment you have at home. You can also start on your goals and workout wish-list, but don’t worry if you don’t even touch it – we will do all of that together during our onboarding call.
  1. Attend an upcoming group coaching call. I try to add all the calls to jane and post-call reminders in the Facebook group and tag all members.