February 25, 2021

<p>This 45-minute practice is focused on lengthening and strengthening the side body, from the hips to the armpits. </p>We will find side body length in Warrior 1 and 2, Parsvakonasana (side angle pose) and trikonasana (triangle pose). We also work with vasisthasana (side plank). Enjoy! <p></p> <p><b>Duration:</b> 47:15</p>

October 6, 2020

Release tension in your back so you can feel good in your body.<p>This practice will feature a series of twists and rotations to help bring energy into this important part of your body.</p>Join us to increase strength and spinal mobility.</p> <p><b>Duration:</b> 45:08</p> <b>Recommended Props:</b> <br>-mat</br> -blanket or towel

September 16, 2020

This yoga-meets-functional-movement class will help you lay the groundwork for strength by intelligently challenging your stability. <p>And create opportunities for newfound mobility and ease of movement.</br> <p><b>Duration:</b> 45:08</p> <b>Recommended Props:</b> <br>-mat</br> -pair of light dumbbells (~2 lb) or filled water bottles

June 19, 2020

<p>Do you hate cardio, but know you need to do it? Enter Tabata Core Fusion!</p>Expect a good, 10-minute warm-up that leads into 20 minutes of Tabata training (quick cardio and strength circuits with low impact options), so you can get your cardio done fast. This class will end with 15 minutes of core and restorative work, so you finish class feeling mobile and strong! You will build up a sweat and leave feeling good. <br><br> <p><b>Duration:</b> 43:16</p> <b>Recommended Props:</b> <br>-A mat</br> -A set of medium-weighted dumbbells for biceps curls and bent-over rows <br>-Optional circle/looped band</br> -Optional wall space