April 27, 2021

<p>This class is your self-massage dream for body parts easily neglected in daily living!</p>This 13-minute rollout hones in on hot-spots like your aching neck, your sore forearms, your texting thumbs and your tight chest, through highly targeted massage of areas that lead to improvements throughout your body. <p></p> <p><b>Duration:</b> 13:40</p> <b>Recommended Props:</b> <br>- bouncy, massage, or tennis balls or similar, self-myofascial release tool</br> - bench, chair, desk or ottoman <br>- rolled up towel</br> - wall space

April 27, 2021

<p>A well-rounded 12-minute sequence you can do at your desk to reverse the adverse effects of being seated for long periods of time. </p>This short class includes hip openers, seated twists, shoulder and neck openers, forward bends, wrist strengtheners and ends with a breathing exercise. <p></p> <p><b>Duration:</b> 12:36</p> <b>Recommended Props:</b> <br>-Chair </br>

April 27, 2021

Sometimes all you need is a little pick me up. Target the neck, abs and back in this easy-to-follow, slow flow. <p>You'll leave feeling refreshed, opened up, and strengthened through your midsection.</p> <p><b>Duration:</b> 12:31</p> <b>Recommended Props:</b> <br>-None. Optional Block</br>

November 9, 2020

Oh hey! Still working out at home without equipment? I got you. Grab a pair of socks and join me for this quick, 15-Minute workout. <p><b>Duration:</b> 15 Min + 5 Min Stretch</p> <p><b>Equipment:</b> Mat & Socks <p><b>Intervals:</b> 25:10 x 2

June 22, 2020

<p>This quick, 15-minute class is for when you need a quick break from sitting, studying, or working at a desk.</p>We begin with seated twists in the chair and some gentle neck, upper back and chest stretches and work into a standing side-bend<br>and Wild Thing, and end with a juicy hip-opening stretch.</br><br><b>Duration:</b> 15:23</br><br><b>Recommended Props:</b><br>-Chair