November 9, 2020

Oh hey! Still working out at home without equipment? I got you. Grab a pair of socks and join me for this quick, 15-Minute workout. <p><b>Duration:</b> 15 Min + 5 Min Stretch</p> <p><b>Equipment:</b> Mat & Socks <p><b>Intervals:</b> 25:10 x 2

October 26, 2020

This 30-minute, full-body HIIT class begins with a good yoga warm up and ends with a cardio finisher and then a short stretch. <p><b>Duration:</b> 27:58</p> <b>Recommended Props:</b> <br>-resistance band OR yoga strap</br>

October 16, 2020

In this 60-Min Class, Anne takes you through the mechanics of the squat.<p>Getting low to the ground and back up again is a vital sign of health.</p>Join us to increase strength and spinal mobility. The concert of joints and soft tissues that enable or disable this movement are the prime focus of this class. We will mobilize and move the ankles, knees, hips and spine.</p> <p><b>Benefits:</b> Total body dynamic strength, ankle range of motion, glute strength, core strength <p><b>Duration:</b> 57:26</p> <b>Props Used in this Class:</b> <br>Blanket, massage balls and/or peanut and/or tennis balls, Bender/Coregeous/children’s inflatable ball, yoga strap or tie, 2 yoga Blocks or similar objects, and a bench or Chair.</br> <br>You may get warm, but you won’t get sweaty. This class ends with a short relaxation / restoration.</br>

August 4, 2020

This 30 minute, full body workout starts with a good yoga stretch before moving into a 30:15 series for 3 sets! <p><b>Duration:</b> 27:02</p> <b>Recommended Props:</b> <br>-mat</br> -dumbbells