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Join the Muscles & Mindset Nutrition Team for 12 Weeks of One-on-One Nutrition Coaching + Accountability

12-Weeks of Muscles & Mindset Coaching


Responsible nutrition coaching: where the goal is sustainable healthy eating for the long haul.

Enrolment is open ONLY through Tuesday, October 11th at midnight PST.

You will be onboarded on Wednesday and your Orientation Call will be Sunday morning. (Don’t worry if you can’t make it, we can find a time that works for you!)

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$299 CAD/month x 3 months (Regular $349/month)

You know you need to Do Things Differently.

You’re here because you know you need a different solution.

Maybe you’ve tried 5, 10, 20 diets over the last decade and you are sick and tired of rules, obsession and thinking about food constantly.

Maybe you’ve gathered so much information about nutrition that you feel paralyzed and scared you are messing things up every second, so you throw up your hands and say, screw it, why bother, and just eat with abandon.

Look, I get it.

In about 2008, after a few years of restrictive eating, bingeing, and purging (and no physique change) and neurotically obsessing about food every second of the day…I decided that I was so miserable, I’d do anything to figure out how to just EAT HEALTHY FOREVER and not stress about it anymore.

That was when everything changed.

I’d just spent 2-3 years trying to lose the Freshman 20 I gained at University—white-knuckling my way through, trying to avoid eating altogether, sometimes purging after I binged—when I saw a flyer for nutrition coaching for students offered by my university’s Nutrition department.
I’d been following random diets and fitness programs in Fitness magazine trying to lose weight and “tighten up.”

“Dammit, Anne, WHY can’t you just stop eating?? Look at all these people who seem to have no issue doing it! You’re so weak, you can’t even go a day without an after-dinner snack?!”

And the negative self-talk and berating and dieting rules … never worked.

I had to finally look in the mirror and see that that was me.

The nutrition student I worked with (Billie Hermosa, she’s now a nutritionist, still in Toronto & we are now IG friends) basically taught me how to eat food and that doing so was OK. It was revolutionary.

I was skeptical (and terrified). As scared as I was, I needed a new solution. I was so dang miserable.

Umm so I can just like, eat? When I’m hungry?

And once I started practicing that, I started slowly taking bites of things that were previously “off limits.”

I stopped eating when I was full and the binges and purges stopped, too.

I started slowly showing myself kindness and moving on after indulgences faster.

I started practicing mindfulness and abundance around food.

After a few years of practice, I became someone who ate the same on Saturday as I did on Monday. I looked forward to and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner without guilt or over-eating.

I finally experienced food freedom. I went from thinking about food 100% of the day to thinking about it maybe 5%. Things feel automated. Easy. Enjoyable.

And the thing I was terrified of happening–gaining 50 lbs overnight and losing control!–did not happen. I found that I could trust myself around food, that food really did not have power over me. That I could handle any food situation anytime. As a result, I lost 20 lb which I attribute to my nutrition and gained 10 lb of muscle, which I attribute to learning how to strength train.

Since then, I have reverse-engineered my own process and worked with hundreds of clients to perfect the system.

It truly is magical, if you have the courage to try a new way.

It’s changed the lives of hundreds of women over the past 3 years and I want you to experience it, too.

I hope you join us.

How the 1:1 Muscles & Mindset Coaching Process Works👇

  • You will receive a Welcome email on Tuesday or Wednesday (depending when you signed up)
  • Use the link to gain immediate access to our VIP Nutrition course and complete the quickie intake form.
  • Our admin will add you to our custom app on Wednesday, October 12 and you can begin to communicate with your coaches right away.
  • M&M Head Coach Shadi will be reaching out to welcome you and get you connected with your 1:1 Muscles & Mindset Nutrition Coach, Coach Keyrsten, and begin the coaching process.
  • Your Orientation Call and first group coaching call will be next week and you can book your 1:1 sessions with Nutrition Coach Keyrsten.

Communication will be via our custom app. It’s rad!

Your coaching will include:

Weekly 1:1 zoom calls with your coach, scheduled for a time that is convenient for you, to you troubleshoot on the fly what’s working for you.

Ongoing communication with your coaches between calls to make sure things are going well, and if they aren’t, not to be hard on you (lol) but instead to troubleshoot something that will work better. (THIS is why I’m a huge fan of 1:1 coaching because honestly, if something isn’t working, we change it in real time!)

Access to the Muscles & Mindset Nutrition coaching course materials.

Regular check-ins on how you’re doing with the new behaviours and troubleshooting if needed. This program is the OPPOSITE of a rigid meal plan or strict food lists.

  • Your coach will be providing ideas, inspiration and most importantly, the tactical tools to make sure you can actually do this, and are successful.

Coach Keyrsten is not only a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, but she is a stellar coach, which, as you know, is a specific skill set.

Our team is empathic, understanding, validating, motivational and most importantly, they’re all undergone their own nutrition transformation so they know exactly how you feel.

Your coach will work with you to tease out your specific nutrition formula, what will work for you long-term and based on your goal: fat loss, muscle gain, moderation and mindfulness, balance and more.

If you have any specific questions, you can always email us at we can help you make the right decision FOR YOU.

Let’s do this!

Hi, I’m Anne Jones, certified life coach, certified personal trainer for 12 years, registered massage therapist.
Creator of Muscles & Mindset

After doing bingeing, purging and obsessing over food for a few years, I decided to figure out how to eat normally, healthfully, forever.

No bingeing, no depriving, no dieting.

And it was scary! Ha! After moving to a big city and learning from society that I had to constantly fear getting fat(ter) eat the least amount possible to avoid it, I didn’t know how to do anything else.

After getting to the point of complete misery where thinking about food felt like a FULL-TIME JOB, while I was a full-time student, I knew I needed to change something.

Over the course of about three years, I slowly started breaking the binge-then-deprive/purge cycle and started to even out the all-or-nothing eating I’d been doing.

Muscles & Mindset came out of my own journey and subsequently helping hundreds of women to begin working out regularly, overcome their extreme dieting, and drop their food obsession for good so they can enjoy their lives, stress- and shame-free.

Now I’m inviting you to join us in taking the leap!

It’s a proven system, so this should be an easy YES if you’re feeling guilt or shame about Thanksgiving weekend, struggling to find balance and sustainability, want to finally quit dieting for good, and learn how to eat the same on Saturday that you do on Monday.

Meet the Muscles & Mindset Coaching Team

Keyrsten McEwan – Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Keyrsten was drawn to holistic nutrition after experiencing health issues of her own that were resolved primarily through changing her diet and lifestyle. She wanted to share her passion with others and help them move toward the best, healthiest version of themselves using nutrition as a tool. Graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2009, Keyrsten has taken many other courses and trainings over the years in addition to countless hours of her own research.

Since 2009 Keyrsten has been in private practice and has seen thousands of clients over the last 12 years. She worked at a large naturopathic clinic in Vancouver for 10 years before transitioning to private practice in Delta, BC.

Keyrsten’s philosophy is all about getting back to basics and empowering clients to eat fresh, local, REAL food. She believes nutrition is incredibly personal and works with clients to develop real life nutrition plans that leave room for all the good things life has to offer. A big part of this is developing a connection between food and how it makes us feel. She says, “Once we develop the skills to eat intuitively, listen to our body and understand what it needs, we are able to make thoughtful decisions about the food we are choosing to consume”. While she tries to move away from counting calories, macros, or grams of things and toward this intuitive approach, she recognizes that some need guidance around the quantity of food they should be eating, especially as they begin to develop these mindful eating skills.

Shadi Bailey – Head Fitness Coach

Shadi is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, massage therapist, internationally Certified Personal Trainer, and Stretch Practitioner with a background in yoga, so she’s a great fit, to say the least! She lives in Savannah, GA with her sweet little Bostonhuahua, Mush. She says, “It is one of my biggest passions to help others through health and wellness, and I’m so excited to get to do that working side by side with Anne and her team to help people reach their fullest potential and live a life they are in love with!”

Client Testimonials

Limited Coaching Spots Currently Available.

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Doors close Tuesday at midnight, and your coaching starts right away.

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$299/month x 3 months (Regular $349/month)

What Happens Once You Enroll 👇

Once you enroll, you’ll receive a Welcome email on Tuesday or Wednesday that will have a link for you to create a login for the course. (If you are an alumni or current member, we will have to manually change your access within 48 hours.) Once you have logged in, please take two minutes to complete the nutrition intake form. We just want to make sure you’re going to be a good fit for the program. If we don’t think it’ll be a good fit for us, we’ll refund your initial enrollment fee ASAP. Otherwise, there are no refunds. You will be added to our custom app on Wednesday and your Orientation Call will be Sunday. (Don’t worry if you can’t make it, we will find a time that works for you!)

Excited to have you, mama!

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